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He teases me incredibly, making me was this long, leaving me in suspended animation awaiting his next move.


I know that i need much more of him inside of me."You love this, " he says with lust. My body growing hotter every second....feeling higher with every touch."Do you want me? Hes half lying on top of me, trapping me beneath him. " I say in an animalistic voice."Tell me you want me," he orders."I want you, i need you! " He commands kissing my back as i beg, meaning every word i say."Please f*ck me. He removes the hand from the one breast and i know that it is time for me to get what my whole body is waiting for.I like to feel impaled by him, having his c*ck deeply driven inside of me. Still amazed at the feelings running through my being as he f*cks me so fast that i suddenly cum again just as he pulls out of me.He helps to guide my movements by holding firmly onto my ass moving me around. Turning the lights on i look at that wonderful body, that wonderful person who has just made me feel so amazingly good. Each time building up my breathing faster and faster, almost allowing me to cum, then slowing me down again.He pushes me down flat on the bed and lies on top of me, only my hips are raised slightly.If you are already reaching the older age, there are great reasons why you should still go out dating.

Being a spinster does not discriminate you to enjoy the joys of dating.

He takes his finger out of me and sticks it into my mouth so i can taste my own juices, as he positions himself behind me.

Then he holds me by the hips and pulls my ass up forcing me into the doggy position.

Instinctively he takes a handful of my hair and pulls it. His balls bang against my cl*t with each and every thrust.

Hes changing from hard and fast to slow and gentle and then back again.

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