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Windows media player updating media library

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You can access the folder by clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left of your computer's screen.

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You'll know the ripping process is done once all the songs show "Ripped to library" under "Rip status."By default, Windows Media Player will rip your tunes in WMA format and save it in your "Music" folder.The latest WMP 12, for example, has some differences with its Library and preview functions but is still quite similar to WMP 11.We'll look at two ways to rip or copy music from a CD via Windows Media Player: a quick rip option and a normal rip option.For Vista, clicking on the Windows button will bring up a menu with "Music" as one of your options.Anyway, clicking on either of those choices will open your music folder.The WMA and WAV both have "lossless" format options, which means the music will be ripped with no loss in quality.

The MP3 format, meanwhile, offers wider compatibility with portable music players and smaller file sizes but sacrifices a certain amount of quality depending on the bit rate of your file.

Start by launching Windows Media Player yourself via the "Programs" option by clicking on either the "Start Menu" tab in Windows XP or the Windows logo in Vista or Windows 7 (both at the lower left of your screen). (To simplify things, just cancel and close down the "Autoplay" menu in case it shows up.)Once you're in the Rip menu, click on the Rip tab to bring up a list of options.

"Format" lets you pick between Windows Media Audio formats, WAV, and the more popular MP3 format.

This brings us to the "Bit Rate" button, which basically lets you pick the quality of the rip. Note that the higher the bit rate you pick, the better the quality you'll get, but you'll also get a larger file size. Clicking "More Options" brings up, even more, choices.

Under "Rip Options" you can change the destination folder for your ripped music by clicking the "Change" button under "Rip music to this location." If you haven't done so, you can also change your format (e.g.

Look under Unknown Artist and you should be able to find the Unknown Album you just ripped.