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Whos dating bruce willis

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This guy has Willis's low-key swagger, too, and, dressed in a gray V-neck sweater, jeans and cowboy boots, he's got the man's unfussy style. Not the one who plops down on David Letterman's upholstered chair every now and then, looking like he's just been rousted out of bed after a bender.Not the harmonica-playing, porn star-dating Willis, or the smirking action hero known for his signature "yippy-ki-yay [expletive]" from the three "Die Hard" movies.

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We never wanted the audience to feel that they already knew what they were getting when they went to a Bruce Willis movie. In 'Armageddon' he dies." "He has constantly challenged himself as an actor, and most stars don't do that," says Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of Dream Works, a studio that is planning an animated film with Willis as one of the star voices.He has about him the air of a man accustomed to being overscrutinized and underestimated. At the moment, in this bar, he appears to be trying his best to be polite, drink his coffee and sell his movie."I'm from South Jersey," he says at one point, explaining the origins of what he calls his rebellious attitude.For years, no matter what he did, Willis in the public imagination often seemed like an action guy grasping for extra credit.Then came "Pulp Fiction," the daddy of all independent films, released in 1994.There's hardly an extra gesture, barely any visible emotions, but you know that under the surface Butch is boiling.

Willis's inspiration here was Al Pacino in the "Godfather" movies, a minimalist performance and for Willis a major influence."I have to thank Harvey Keitel," Willis says.

Perhaps he's channeling the character he plays in the film, a beleaguered cop who must rescue a family from a collection of miscreants and shadowy criminals in order to save the life of his own wife and daughter.

(It gets complicated.) As Jeff Talley, Willis spends much of this two-hour film coping with the most dreadful possibility a husband and father can face.

Some of these were hugely successful ("Look Who's Talking," in which he provided the voice of a talking baby), others bombed ("Hudson Hawk," which was flayed by critics and ignored by the public).

"You make choices," says Arnold Rifkin, Willis's former agent and since 1990 his partner in Cheyenne Enterprises, a production company.

At the time, Willis was a part-time bartender and New York stage actor who'd appeared mostly in off-off-Broadway productions, in theaters that held 300 people, tops.