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Who zoe saldana dating

His planet was destroyed and they’re rebuilding, and he’s trying to figure out where his energy is best directed to help other people.He comes into a new awareness of his own mortality for a number of reasons, and there’s a lot of stuff that he’s trying to figure out in this film.

News of their nuptials broke some three months later.“Life has a different journey for us, and instead of us having to go out and aid another population, another planet that has been the target of violence, we are the target, so this is very different.We are tested at the craziest level and not just our lives are tested, but our characters and our relationships are tested.” Quinto, meanwhile, got to the specific challenges facing Spock, who he says “is in this existential moment in his life and at a crossroads between his obligation to his Starfleet and his Vulcan roots.It’s an ongoing relationship; I don’t think that it’s resolved necessarily in .They’re learning about each other as well and figuring out the best way for each of them to move forward.” So does that mean they are together, but sorting things out?beauty recently revealed that she might just end up with a WOMAN raising her kids, it seems she hasn't given up on the male sex quite yet…

Cause rumor has it she's getting intimate with HUNKY Italian artist Marco Perego!

“When you are desired and you desire, so many things in your life start to make sense,” Saldana tells the magazine of her husband.

After reports of the split she has been seen with hottie Bradley Cooper. Reflecting on their relationship, meanwhile, Saldana said that her jet-set lifestyle as an actress may have contributed to their relationship's end. Such is the case with actress Zoe Saldana and her now ex, Keith Britton. They are totally dating, the anonymous source said this week, telling the entertainment and celebrity site that the actors had spent time skiing in the Rockies for the holidays.

(due July 22), but stars Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto, who play romantic interests and U. “We’re tired, we need time off, we’ve been working non-stop, and it’s become like a machine where you kind of forget about yourself, but you need to go back home and nurture yourself and rest,” she explains.

Enterprise crew members Uhura and Spock, spoke exclusively with EW, giving a tease about their characters in the new film, at the taping of the special they’re featured in airing Thursday, June 9 at 8 p.m. Saldana says Uhura and the crew are worn out, but there’s no time for a break.

“Part of Spock’s existential crisis is, does he need to be with a Vulcan?