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Patrick, a 30-year-old doctor in residency at Western Michigan University, went missing on the evening of Dec.5, after she attempted to rent a hotel room at the Radisson hotel in Kalamazoo.

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Over on Top Christian Albums, two titles start in the top five, led by singer-songwriter Matt Redman, who notches his fifth top 10 (a sum that includes three No.Rumors are swirling heavily about Sapps possible involvement in Patrick’s murder.In January, Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller stated in his report that Sapp “was nothing more than an innocent victim of stalking,” Some consider his early findings reckless and suggestive of corruption.Police later found her car abandoned nearly 100 miles away in Indiana, with her wallet and credit cards still inside.Investigators have found no evidence of foul play, but are looking into You Tube videos of Patrick talking and singing to someone she calls “baby” and “love.” Patrick’s family has said they did not know if Teleka was involved in a recent romantic relationship, and her parents, Mattahais and Irene Patrick, later issued a statement to about the restraining order.Clatterbuck III, and has hired Jim Carlin, a Battle Creek private investigator who runs Justinian Investigative Services.

Carlin has investigated the disappearance of Mary Lands, a Marshall woman missing since March 2004. Tenesha Patrick said it is frustrating that information about her sister's past has surfaced, but "we still have no new information" about her whereabouts.“The fact of the matter is she’s still missing and we still have no tips or leads about where she might be. I cannot lose hope that she is still alive and I will not lose hope until I am told and shown otherwise.“It’s looking less likely that she’s OK, but with every breath that is left in my body, I refuse to believe that she’s dead.

Patrick’s sister, Tenesha Patrick, said Thursday that Teleka has never been diagnosed with any type of mental illness and nothing in her past prompted concerns that something was wrong.

In response to the developments, Patrick’s parents, Irene and Mattahais Patrick, issued a statement saying that, despite the recent discoveries, their focus is on finding their daughter. 5, however, has left her family with a lot of questions, Tenesha Patrick said.“I think it’s clear that there are facets of Teleka’s personal life that the family wasn’t aware of,” Tenesha Patrick said. We know that she’s under a lot of stress in her program.“I guess hindsight being 20/20 ...

Patrick’s abandoned Lexus was found with a flat tire by a highway in Portage, Indiana, about 100 miles away.

Authorities in Kalamazoo and Indiana were searching for her, and now it’s officially a murder investigation.

“There are so many details that have been revealed during the course of this investigation that confuse and hurt us all the more,” they say.