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Sharon is not just a very good instructor, but rather a great teacher. The variety or asanas was varied week to week and I could count on the fact that by Monday morning, when the operating bell sounded to start trading and I raised my hands over head, my triceps always said hello, because of the hard work that we did Saturday morning. I will repeat what I told Sharon, “If I can become 10% of the yoga teacher that she is, I will be a raging success!

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Instead of being sad at the time of your leaving, instead I am inspired and looking forward that you will be here more often.Sharon works with clients weekly in Yoga Therapy and in Personal Training.Sharon’s Mission is to initiate the process of change and ensure that her clients take the actions necessary to accomplish their goals.Sharon’s energizing drive fosters her natural, innate ability to bring out the individuality that lies within us all.Sharon acknowledges and embraces how fortunate and blessed she is to have the opportunity to teach yoga and work with clients one on one in yoga therapy and in personal training.I watched and listened to every word, every que, the demonstration of each pose and I learned more in her classroom than all my teacher training a combined. I met Sharon at a Parayoga teacher training years ago.

She stood out as a generous and beautiful reflection of the fruit of practicing yoga.

I was a young mother searching for groundedness and in our friendship.

I found my mommy strength and my calling to inspire and encourage yoga students.

Sharon is not only a lovely person, kind, caring and intelligent, but her heart is Light and she illuminates everything that comes to her.

Her knowledge that we are all connected is woven into her every breath. If you can take classes with Sharon, I most certainly would not miss the opportunity. She is an exceptional teacher in yoga, nutrition and all over holistic view point. Sharon has been through my Breast Cancer, Reconstructive Surgeries, loss of my sight due to detached retnas ( no down dogs). I first started taking yoga when I was seven, watching “Lilias Yoga & You” when I couldn’t sleep!

Sharon has completed certified courses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Yog Darshan) and in Transformation Meditation.