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Who does kimberly locke dating

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Originally played by actress Brooke Radding in 1996, the character was last portrayed by actress Adrianne León when her birth date was revised to 1987 starting in 2004.Leon was nominated for two awards for the role in 2005: the Soap Opera Digest "Outstanding Female Newcomer Award", and "Outstanding Younger Actress" in the Daytime Emmy Awards. It was announced in 2010 that Leon would return to the show as Brook Lynn that May.

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Brook succeeds in drugging Dante at a bar and attempts to have sex with him in his apartment, but Lulu arrives to stop this and blames Brook entirely.He lets him out, though, and Tom locks Franco in the same cage.Franco and Elizabeth later find out that Tom was found dead after being brutally stabbed, and Franco is suspected of killing Tom.Tom, though, was released, because the board thought he had reformed.Desperate to get Tom away from Elizabeth, Franco lures him to his art studio and locks him in a cage so Tom will miss his parole hearing and be sent back to prison.Nikolas got caught up in family issues, and encouraged Brook Lynn to take the offer because he couldn't put her first. The character had previously been portrayed by Jay Lacopo on November 2, 1998.

On Valentine's Day 1998, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) is raped, and Lucky Spencer (then Jonathan Jackson) helps her recover.

Brook eventually moves into the Cassadine castle and continues to work as Nikolas' escort at formal events.

She is soon at odds with Elizabeth Webber, the mother of Nikolas' son Aiden.

It was later proven, though, that she didn't kill Tom.

The culprit was revealed to be Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick), Tom's brother who saw Tom attack Alexis and realized his brother was still a predator and would never change.

Soon after, Brook decided to leave Port Charles and return to New York to pursue her music career.