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The drivers was a coffee from Starbucks with bright red lipstick stains. Stylish black sunglasses were clipped to each visor, both were about the same size and style and definitely designed for women.

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A few are older and less attractive but they don’t seem to last long.The Hendersons were good friends of his grandparents, and when they passed last year, they just decided it was time to make their winter home a permanent one. The Hendersons were nosey and their voices dripped with insincere concern that didn't disguise their judgment of him. Boxes, lots of boxes, and he could just barely see writing on them from the attic window where he peered out through wooden slat blinds.The moving truck was being unloaded by some guys in uniforms. He hastily searched the piles of papers, boxes and equipment strewn around his work station until his eyes finally picked out the long black strap attached to his binoculars and he snatched them up.Belle is a massage parlor in the Gangnam section of Seoul offering happy endings to foreigners and locals alike.The shop is easy to find if you know where to look.There were pictures of friends thumb-tacked to the ceiling and writing on almost every surface that looked like it had been done with a set of paint pens.

It seemed like mostly inane stuff to him, probably inside jokes and movie references.

Belle is open every day from noon until the early morning hours.

That big house has been empty for a few months, ever since the Hendersons moved to Tampa. A large wooden four poster bed- that took some effort.

He did catch a name though, it would have been hard to miss the giant pink scrawl We will miss you Kali.

The car was covered in bumper stickers whose subjects varied from anti-government political statements, crude jokes, metal bands to warning fellow commuters not to cut her off.

He slowly made his way down his porch steps with Kippers trying to drag him forward.