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Valentines day gift for newly dating

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This year, I think it’ll be fun to watch her open a few presents–all of which I’ve bought used at garage sales over the course of the year.

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It’s also true that not giving gifts is an illustration of our decision to smooth out our happiness curve and create a life we enjoy living every single day.It teaches kids that the holidays are about greed and about how much they can get.It’s not generous to spoil your children, it’s doing them a disservice.The elephant in the room for frugal gift giving is the question of whether to give gifts at all. Frugalwoods and I, for example, do not give gifts to each other because we see no point.We buy what we need throughout the year and neither of us wants a bunch of unneeded junk cluttering up our home.I source all (yes, all) of Babywoods’ stuff used and gifts are no different.

I wash everything I purchase for her and then hide it in the basement where she can’t see it (genius parenting, I tell you).

Reining in the deluge of presents isn’t depriving children; rather, it’s setting them up for understanding their privilege, recognizing how fortunate they are, and giving them the opportunity to delight in small pleasures (which, coincidentally, is also how to experience contentment and fulfillment as an adult).

If you’re having trouble communicating this message to other family members or grandparents, we tackled that thorny topic in a reader case study last year: Reader Case Study: The Case Of The Over-gifting In-Laws! ) get older, I like the idea of implementing the four-gift rule with my own twist added, such that they’ll each receive: I’m also into the idea of doing a ‘family experience’ gift as the girls get older, such as an annual membership to a museum or a fun family outing.

Instead of wasting time and money shopping for each other, we now spend that time and money together as a family.

We cook special meals, we go out to eat, we watch Christmas movies at home, we go on hikes, and we hang out.

Contrary to our mainstream culture’s belief, frugal gift giving does not equal miserly gift giving.