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Updating old oak cupboards

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It also works to border windows or doors if the existing casing is at least 3/4-inch-wide. If you want to take it one step further, install plinth blocks at the base of doorways and rosettes at the top. Note the large rectangular pieces on each side of the doorways. The profiled case molding rises up from the plinth block to a point where it's capped by a rosette, which is a square piece of carved wood. Use lighter stains or no stain at all for a brighter, more contemporary look.

Pry it off, but leave the small wire bead at the bottom if you want.You can nail it to the perimeter of the ceiling just like crown molding, but the process is easier and faster.It goes well with previously installed paneling or cedar on the walls. On the melamine surfaces (backs of the doors and sides of the cupboards) I primed with a great primer by Glidden called "Gripper". The cupboards were painted with Behr Premium Plus in white. Red oak is the most common and the most affordable.

To update a kitchen, try replacing that old, dingy laminated backspash with solid oak.

Cove molding can also be used anywhere as a border or trim.

Try running it along the outside perimeter of your cabinets or along the top of a baseboard. Pry off the old casing and cut identical pieces using the profiled oak.

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So, my husband and I had a little problem with our kitchen cupboards. They were kinda really ugly, plus a few of them were missing their trim at the bottom. When I painted the walls, I didn't paint the kitchen front door.

It's by no means perfect, though, as neither of us are professionals.