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Pieces were scattered over a wide area..fortunately no-one was hurt....One piece penetrated nine inches into a tarmac drive, another landed on the bonnet of a car.

An additionally interesting characteristic of this meteorite in the broken- off fusion crust on the edges of typical specimens.Connecting Vets is a nationwide, multi-media digital portal connecting military veterans to information we need to thrive. Abrite NWA4799, Tamdakht (fall), 7.9Kg Campo, Chassignite NWA 2737, Super Thinly sliced Millbillillies, Golf ball sized Odessas, 750g LDG, 2.6Kg UNID NWA whole stone 98% FC at under 30c/g, Sweet Henburys, Super Thin full slice of Tatahuin, 14.62g Spectacular Lunar Full Slice NWA 6355 for UNDER $550/g, Chicxulub Micro-tektites, Beautifully Etched Whole Slic Muonionalustae of over $1,000. You may or may not pay for insurance, but if not, it is at your risk. In terms of total weight recovered (over 2000 kg) this is the largest stone fall on record.One source told me this is due to "spaulation", a process wherein the individuals battered against one another after the explosion of the main mass and final fusion crusting process but before hitting the ground.It also contains the oldest material in the solar system as well as diamonds. The author devotes five pages to Allende and the text contains multiple photographs of this stone throughout the book.However, these variations in bulk chemistry are entirely consistent with the observed mineralogy of Bells.

The unusual fine-grained mineralogy of Bells matrix can be reasonably attributed to the combined effects of aqueous alteration and advanced brecciation in a parent body environment.

There was a blinding flash in the sky, followed by a loud bang.

In the confusion [there was the] thought it was an aircraft firing rockets, so he dived under the hedge for protection. About 300 feet above the ground, the meteorite that was heading for Barwell exploded into fragments.

Well, after a few hours he was able to locate some broken concrete from a sidewalk in the process of being removed.

Thus came about the retirement of Beaver from its career in law enforcement.

A piece smashed through a factory roof and another tiny fragment was found later in a vase!