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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Each Major League Baseball regular-season game is 1/162nd of the puzzle (assuming every game is played).Within those equal pieces, though, are varying degrees of quality and/or significance.

We felt humbled when we saw it because you had no idea if you could get to the top of that,” he says.Ahluwalia, a retired major of the Indian Army and the founder-chairman of the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi, was a member of India’s 1965 Everest Expedition team of 21 climbers, 800 porters and 50 high-altitude sherpas—the country’s third attempt in five years.A few from this team had been part of the previous Indian attempts, in 19.This time he had promised his wife that “there should be at least eight on top”.Kohli, now 83, wrote a book on the expedition titled Nine Atop Everest.On 22 March, the team reached the great glacial amphitheatre of Everest and pitched Base Camp (BC) at 17,800ft.

Irish poet and philosopher John O’Donohue once said: “Landscape is the firstborn of creation. How strange we must have seemed: separated, single human strays wound around ourselves….

Note: The Indians will ride a 20-game winning streak into Sept.

Before Mt Everest turned into a “tourist peak”, before hundreds of people began lining up on a fixed rope nose-to-butt in a “traffic jam” up to the summit every climbing season, it was the final frontier in adventure, and mountaineering. A time when Everest was uncrowded and unpolluted, when only three expeditions had succeeded in putting men on its summit, when attempts at climbing the peak were an undertaking at the very limits of human endeavour.

He describes Jaynagar as resembling a carnival ground—almost 900 expedition members and porters, and perhaps twice as many curious onlookers gathered around a field.

Here began the job of allocating loads and distributing kits.

They had, egged on by their porters, swigged chhaang and danced late into the nights.