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I felt desired and wanted, and a familiar and delightful tingle between my legs... Then buyers need to see that sweet pussy of yours." This was easy enough to do, as unlike most gamers I do not wear panties with my slave girl outfit, preferring the feel of the air against my wet pussy as I strut down through the convention, juicing myself as I make the fanboys hard.

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"Put your palms flat on the sand, for their viewing pleasure." I hesitated for a moment.The arena we were in was not huge, but the bleachers were three rows high, and they were filled with hundreds of people. The auctioneer cracked his whip and put his hand on the back of my throat, forcing my head down. The auctioneer used his whip to rub my pussy and hold the glistening handle up to the laughing, jeering crowd. But using my palms as my balancing point I turned, showing everyone in the circular arena my widely splayed pussy.I bend and spread, digging my fingers into the sun-hot sand. I couldn't understand the words, but it was cleared they were amused, and pleased. "Reach back, and spread your butt cheeks, Slave Leia," the bald man ordered.I looked down to cover my eyes, and the bald man took away my glasses, further reducing my surroundings to a bright blur. A man grabbed me and pulled me into the center of the arena. I jumped as the man holding my arm cracked his whip in the air just next to my ear!I struggled to focus but because of the brightness I mainly looked at my furry Slave Leia boots. From the side of the arena, the bald man gave the order. "Take off your top, or you will be whipped, and he will take it from you." The bald man's voice was not mean, or harsh, but the man holding the whip did not look happy." or "Uh, Tracy, my routine is randomly crashing and I can't figure out why? " I'd smile and help them, after sending them out to fetch me a latte. I'm very much in charge of at work but there's a very different side of me that I don't advertise.

Now I'm team lead and it's my turn to slap THEM on the butt when I send the out to run personal errands. What my brother coders don't know is that while I'm supposedly visiting an imaginary sister in San Diego I'm actually rocking my Princess Leia slave girl bikini at one of the big nerd conventions.

I always go commando under my Slave Leia costume, and after 10 minutes of THE MALE GAZE my juices are literally dribbling down my bare thighs.

I was on the elevator going back to my room when he stepped on. When the doors opened he was staring right at me, as if he knew I was going to be there. Two men grabbed one of the girls and dragged her out, closing the door behind her.

They're trying to push me into upper management but I love coding and the power coding gives me.

I code mostly in C# and Python these days and although some of the guys in my company aren't comfortable taking orders from a girl when the server crashes or the client can't wait any longer I'm the one they turn to, managers included. At first they were all wolf whistles and snide remarks about my butt and legs, at least until I started coding circles around them. Tracy, do you have any idea where this memory leak is coming from?

I touched my own collar and found the same metal box, only the stainless steel didn't feel like metal, but rather like a cloth that wouldn't tear. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen, and I wasn't going to run. I was surprised to see that one of the goons was the bald man from the elevator.