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Sim 2 charactor dating older sim

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Yes the game is not even in beta yet, and there’s still all the CGs to do, but I was particularly happy how the new writer finished all the story in basically 3-4 months! In Summary Things didn’t go as planned, and I’ve learned a lot of things which should prevent me from doing the same mistakes in the next years.

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As you know, I am currently focusing on the rules first, and I decided to use a random items generation system (plus probably some fixed “Legendary Items”) like I did in SOTW.In the next weeks I’ll go on with my tests, though of course as soon as I get new content for Cursed Lands or Love Bites, I’m going to work on them since they have the priority.Speaking of Cursed Lands and Love Bites To speed things up, in agreement with the writer, I am working on the nagas storyline for Cursed Lands myself with the help of Heirs & Graces writer, and Love Bites writer just finished the last “solo player” scenes: like in other dating sims, you can choose to not romance anyone if you want.I have the feeling of a missing opportunity, that it could have been something much bigger.I know the game got several complaints about the writing (especially on Steam) but I don’t want to talk about the writing quality itself but my own mistakes.Currently I’m waiting for the writer to send me the new texts necessary for the second chapter, however as you see from the images above, I have already coded a LOT of things: all the rescue missions, the kraken fight, a tomb exploration sidequest, etc etc.

It has the biggest amount of content of all the three chapters probably.

The game is in beta and so far people seems to love it, even if of course it’s still early days.

I know for sure that we put a lot of effort in it 🙂 .

I was unsure if to do it or not (investing a non trivial sum of money to redo almost all the art of an already released game was risky) but the reception was amazing, and the sales increased by 300% (so now are in line with my other games more or less).

I’ve said it many times: you won’t ever see me do a game with non-manga art again!

The results so far are good: As you can see, the item stats on bottom-right should be familiar to anyone who played SOTW.