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" I asked while rubbing my cock through my trousers giving her a lusty look."Your uncle never looks at me like that...." she said while going down on her and slowly placing her hand on the top of my leg.

"I'm a woman, I have needs for god sake and he fail to fulfill it! Her face suddenly changed from sad to a lusty looking face as she stood there in thought and turned to me. " She asked with a horny look on her face which caught me by surprise. "No aunt Kate that wouldn't feel right" not realising what I just said because I wanted to fuck her real bad."Oh aunt Kate you have the most perfect tits I have ever seen." "Don't be shy, these are yours now. Still standing I grabbed her 36C tits and I drifted my hand across her tits until I felt her erect nipples and her breathing started to get quicker and louder as I fondled with her breasts.I took one of her tits in my mouth and sucked on it while gently flicking my tongue over her nipple.Rubbing vigorously on her clit I forced another finger into her pussy allowing me to feel her hot juicy cunt swallowing my 3 fingers each time they plunged inside her. We stood up and she was standing infront of me looking horny as fuck but wanting more."Oh Craig, I like the way you finger fuck me, get aunty's pussy ready for your cock! With that I slipped another finger in and hammered her pussy with four fingers and went down and tongue fucked her as well. I took her towel off, revealing her big firm breasts that didn't sag a bit and underwear that was revealed to be a black G-string filled with pussy juice.She was wearing a towel and told me that she just got out of the shower now as Stephen and his dad went fishing. "I could do with that right now, its so hot outside" I replied while she went to the refrigerator to get us each a glass lemonade.

Aunt Kate was somewhere in her 40s but she takes good care of herself as she still had a voluptuous figure,long tanned legs, the ass of a 18 year old and beautiful 36 C cup tits and slim waist that often reminded of Salma Hayek. She knocked the house keys off the kitchen counter and as she bent over to pick it, I saw my aunts ass peeping out from under the towel and she didn't even notice so I just acted like nothing happened.

She laughed and thrusted her chest into my face saying "Suck your auntys titties", and I eagerly took each of her nipples in my mouth and I continued licking and sucking on them as she let out a barely audible moan of pleasure.

We went to her bedroom and as I layed her on the bed I kissed her on her neck,tits all over her body till I eventually went all lower till by her feet right past her pussy.

"I'm sorry to hear about that" she said "but I'm sure a hot lad like yourself would attract girls wherever he went.

I wouldve snatch you up a long time if we weren't related.

Realising she was serious I wouldn't let the chance slip through my fingers.