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At an Assembly hearing Tuesday on harassment prevention, she said, “I am fearful of being retaliated against.”She has told the Los Angeles Times in a series of interviews she worried that naming the legislator would turn him into a scapegoat, distracting from the larger issues of a Capitol culture she believes does not sufficiently protect women.

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Lopez, 35, first told her story of the encounter to the New York Times in October, but she declined to name the legislator.Their interaction was no more than three or four sentences, Lopez said.An hour or two later, Lopez said she felt a large body following her into a single-use bathroom. 4, 2017) Sacramento lobbyist Pamela Lopez has claimed that, in 2016, Democratic Assemblyman Matt Dababneh followed her into a bathroom, masturbated in front of her and urged her to touch him.Lopez had not publicly accused Dababneh until Monday, when she formally filed a complaint with the Assembly and named him at a news conference.The Saturday night party was in a room at the Sky Lofts, a boutique hotel in the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas.

An invitation reviewed by The Times playfully called the event a “Grassroots Leadership Training Program.”Several people who were there confirmed both Lopez and Dababneh attended the party. Lopez said she was there from early evening until late at night. and stayed for about 90 minutes, according to two people who attended with him.

Dababneh, who is unmarried and at 36 is one of Sacramento’s youngest legislators, has had a fairly rapid rise in state politics. Brad Sherman (D-Porter Ranch) in 2005, and in 2009 became the congressman’s chief of staff in his district office.

The San Fernando Valley native and UCLA graduate began working for U. In 2013, Dababneh narrowly won a special election for his Assembly seat in a reliably Democratic district that includes Encino, Tarzana and Woodland Hills.

She said he then asked her to touch him elsewhere, even just rest her arm on him. The whole encounter lasted less than five minutes, Lopez said.

Lopez said she interpreted the request as a type of attempted negotiation. tell anyone this happened."She said she didn't tell anyone at the party what had happened, afraid someone would find Dababneh and make a scene.

She said it was Dababneh, who is more than 6 feet tall and sturdily built."The weight of that body was pushing me into the restroom. "I spun around and by the time I had gotten myself spun around, I saw that I was facing Matt Dababneh and he had unzipped his pants and exposed himself and had begun to masturbate."Lopez said she backed away from him, her mind racing with the realization of what was happening. Lopez said Dababneh demanded that she touch his genitals."I remember thinking, at the very least, make it very clear you don't want to be here," she said.