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For all other uses, any headphone should suffice, with optimization per type and model on the way.

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Chazz met up with us and we went to Little Italy where we ate at Mike’s Deli. I’d like to say it’s a place just like anywhere else, but that would be a lie. Not to mention the streets and the people—the best character study there is.But the key is to have a predictable result, to know that every user will have a similar experience.“If you are distributing content that is mixed in Headphone: X and want predictable results, then the information is embedded in the DTS HD bitstream,” he continues.“The bitstream then gives an indication so that the device, whether in an app or on a phone with embedded technology, would know exactly what to do and render it correctly. It tells the end device what to do, and it can also connect to various room models—the profiles.”For the gaming community, which is a huge part of the mobile market, things are slightly different.” asks Geir Skaaden, DTS senior vice president of products and platforms and former CEO of Neural Audio, which DTS acquired in 2009.“It can be a lot of things, but choosing the room gives you a foundation that you can then model the rendering for playback on the correct number of channels.That totally carries over to playing “Handsome Nick.” I love the suit I wear (thanks to costume designer William Ivey Long).

If I could have worn it to the opening night party, I would have.

“You don’t have to go out and buy speakers, set up your living room and run pink noise,” says composer Hans Zimmer, whose soundtrack to Zimmer, pictured with a few of his colleagues on this month’s cover, has proven a key figure in the launch; currently, the one way to really hear an 11.1 Headphone: X mix on headphones is by downloading his Z-Plus app and the soundtrack.

Which brings up the ongoing paradox holding back consumer acceptance of music in surround: Which comes first, the Technology or the Content?

“The challenge has been that you couldn’t really deliver the experience we had in mind due to processing power issues and other factors.

It has only been in the last few years that all the necessary pieces have come together to allow us to deliver a Headphone: X experience.

It was a blast and it really tested me – but there was a great vibe in the room and all I could think about was, “Dammit, I want this.” Marc Kimelman (associate choreographer) taught the combination.