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Racist dating a black person

Jessica posed for photos while wearing the same clothes Roderique had worn in her own.

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Then that means he/she doesn't like white, asian, latinos ect."I wasn't expecting the difference to be that stark." Roderique suggests people of colour might find more success with dating offline, or on niche websites.The alternative is braving a dating scene that is largely geared toward the majority population of Caucasians, many of whom appear not to be as open-minded as they say.Other websites may not be as well-warded as ours, so please use your best judgement when clicking on unknown links.When Hadiya Roderique created her Tinder profile, the 36-year-old lawyer and Ph D student was told she'd be "bombarded" by messages from eager men on the online dating app.But if you’re a woman of colour, a few swipes in it can all start to feel a lot like an episode of ‘white guys say the darndest things’.

We all know Tinder has its fair share of douches, but there’s nothing like some race-based dickishness to remind you that despite the smartphones, people are still pretty stupid.

"I think that people are really reluctant to reach out across a racial divide," she said.

She put her suspicions to the test by enlisting her Ph. "We're about the same height and weight and similar attractiveness, so I asked if she was willing to be my guinea pig," Roderique said.

She also received messages from several men whom she'd messaged from her black profile, and who had not answered her back.

"You always wonder what it's like on the other side and I lived it and found out," Roderique said.

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