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Rachel bilson is dating

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Let’s hope that in the future she will appear in many more different movies and shows and that her fans will be able to enjoy her talent for a long time. It's just more important to be known for your acting and that you're not willing to strip down for a scene.On September 20, 2008, Rachel acted as maid of honor during the wedding of her close friend, Jill Stonerick, to The O. (On her refusal to film nude scenes.)It was like second nature in a way, because I was familiar with the sets and stuff and it wasn't like a strange world.

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After becoming a part of this show Rachel became even more famous and acclaimed.Rachel Bilson is a well-known actress mostly known for her role of Summer Roberts in ‘The O.C.’ She is also famous for her role in the movie entitled ‘Jumper’.She is very talented and her hard work has been noticed and acclaimed.Rachel has appeared in many successful television shows and movies.You can't worry about how your're going to be perceived by other people.

I have a quote that my mom taught me: 'It's none of my business what other people think of me.'I feel very lucky to work in the environment that I work in.

It was like all things in life: You try it and if it makes you happy, it sticks.

(On starting professional acting.)I kind of just take things one day at a time and do what I do and hope that I'm not known as Summer Roberts for the rest of my life.

Her appearance in this movie also added to Rachel Bilson’s net worth.

In 2006 Rachel became a part of another famous movie, entitled ‘Jumper’.

star opens up to the magazine about dating costars and her fashion do’s and don’ts.