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Rowe subsequently set the deadline for the 'exchange' at 72 hours.Barson's wife Linda was driving the car which t-boned Williams at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens on June 9.

It should show her speed at the time of the collision - and whether or not she sped up in the moments before to beat a red light.The celebrated athlete's lawyers wanted to keep the results to themselves for up to seven days but a Palm Beach County judge on Friday ordered them to hand it over within 72 hours.Venus, 37, won an emergency court order earlier this week preventing the Barson family from examining her car after their lawyers provided her team with less than 24 hours’ notice.It was released by police who said she the case remained under investigation.Their statement did not clear her or change the previous conclusion that she was to blame.Hope to be cleared: Lawyers for Venus Williams - who is playing at Wimbledon - said in court in Florida on Friday that a police report blaming her for a car crash which led to the death of Jerome Barson could be 'updated'There had been no suggestion Venus entered the junction illegally.

A police report into the fatal June 9 collision stated that Williams was at fault because she turned left into the path of the car in which Jerome Barson, 78, was a passenger.

It's an unfortunate accident,' said Cunningham, adding that he hoped the accident would not 'distract' the star from competing. Police say there was no evidence she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that she was distracted by a phone.

Venus broke down in tears at a press conference Monday when she was asked about the fatal incident for the first time.'There are really no words to describe, like, how devastating and -- yeah I'm completely speechless. Williams left the room before composing herself and returning to answer a few more questions. However their report stated that the tennis player was at fault for blocking the right of way of the other vehicle.

Experts will now remove panels to gain access to an alternate port.

Patrick Dahl, for Williams, told the hearing that the athletes team of tech experts wanted seven days to 'save, preserve and make copies' of the data.

Williams insists her signal was green when she turned despite witnesses suggesting she ran a red light.