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Office dating rules

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It is better that they hear it from you instead of through the office gossip mill.You don’t have to go into great detail about your relationship, but it is common courtesy to tell your boss what is going on, and that the relationship is not going to interfere with your performance on the job. It is best to keep your new relationship quiet in the beginning, until you know for sure that things are going to work out.

Also, some of your co-workers are likely to become resentful, and if you receive any perks, bonuses, promotions, etc., they may think that you are just getting special favors or preferential treatment because of your relationship status..Spend time together and really get to know one another.Find out what each other wants from the relationship to make sure that you are going to be right for each other.Don’t tell anyone about the relationship until you are both comfortable, and you have decided who you can trust and who should be left out of the loop, at least for the time being.If you and your romantic partner are involved in a tiff, don’t involve your co-workers.How are you going to handle dealing with this person at work every day if you are no longer a couple?

Will one of you be willing to move to a different department in order to avoid one another if you can’t get along?

Your relationship needs to be kept separate from your work life, and you need to remain professional at all times while you are at work.

This means that you can’t be spending your time sending love notes via email to each other, staring at each other from across the room or conference table, or even talking about your relationship.

No matter how attracted you are to the other person, don’t jump right into a serious relationship, or jump right into bed.

You need to take time and make sure that this really is the person for you, and work on cultivating a solid relationship.

While at work, you both need to maintain a professional appearance, and only talk about work-related subjects.