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No sing up just for preverts chat

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But he’s never going to feature in any art history.BE It’s funny, because in pop music that kind of career path would be completely acceptable.

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GP Well, intellectual importance is directly linked to financial value in the art world. At one point he was the richest artist in the world.I mean, that’s the thing you really want – museum quality. He made schmaltzy pictures of woodland scenes with cottages but he never sold the originals.He had a massive print thing going, and they reckon at one point one in six houses in the States had a Thomas Kinkade print.I’ve never been to China, but whenever I see Chinese art there’s something about their sense of colour, composition, texture, that for me is always slightly off – and I’m thinking, why don’t I just dive into that artwork and completely love it? BE Because they couldn’t find the original, could they? There’s a whole branch of conceptual art that I was very much immersed in at the end of the Sixties and early Seventies, and it kind of petered out. I’ve tried so often to have somebody who can help me do music, and I just have to look over their shoulder too much, so it’s not comfortable for them, and it doesn’t save me any time.It’s because I grew up as a westerner and we were completely separate We might as well have been on the moon for most of history. BE I tried this with my friend [the South African artist] Beezy Bailey: we’d been doing some paintings together and we decided just to put some out on the street and see what people did. A lot of things that are being done now I call “onelinerism”, where really the description of the work is as good as the work itself. People wanted spectacle – they wanted big, shocking, engaging art, colourful and funny – but they wanted a little puzzle, too: “Hmm, what’s this about? But I was thinking about this – how do you become a contemporary artist? GP My wife has this theory that the happiest people are people who say, “That will do.” Today, I went to buy a bin, just for the fricking kitchen here in the studio, you know, but the ones they had in the hardware shop I didn’t like, so I’m still without a bin and I’ll waste another hour trying to find the right bin somewhere.I always think that painters are fighting over the last original brushstroke. There’s very few people who have a revelatory, original thought; I think they’re almost mythical.

Most people start off being someone else and then they make mistakes.

They met at Perry’s studio in Islington, north London.

Eno came with a Dictaphone and a magazine about electronic music; Perry was dressed as a man.] That’s a big machine, isn’t it! I have many well-travelled pathways in interviews, and in many ways I’d rather not go down any of them. I did have one idea, coming over, and that’s why I brought this keyboard magazine.

But in the west [] – Oh my God, sorry about this, it’s so rare for my phone to ring . We’ve been making apps together for i Pad and i Phone, and that’s been a good collaboration because there are quite large areas of nonoverlap. I’m working on an architectural project where we’re building a house in Essex, and that’s been a pretty collaboration, too. So I was looking at religious buildings, but I had to be talked down from some of my more kitsch fantasies by the architect, who had a better handle on the dignity of an object in the landscape. I’m fascinated by the idea of pilgrimage, again going back to that idea that in a virtual world you want to experience the real thing.

I think pilgrimage is more popular now than ever, whether people know it or not.

Grayson Perry Yes, if you want to make a big pot, you’ve got to have a big kiln. I was thinking about the differences between the music and art worlds, and one thing that strikes me is that professional musicians are quite happy to share things with each other – their ideas and techniques, the tricks that made them famous.