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They love seeing a strong woman on television, they respect my character, I inspire them. I think it’s great that women out there, they can be tough and now there’s a more sensitive side to Jo and they know they can be sensitive, as well. At the beginning, Jo doesn’t hide her dislike of Carter.

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An unexpected trip back to 1947 by five of Eureka’s residents in the fourth season premiere “Founder’s Day” changes the timeline once they return to the present.In Zane’s case he has slipped a bit back into his old smart alec ways and, while not committing any more crimes, is not quite the model Eureka citizen or Global Dynamics employee.In the season 4.5 opener “Liftoff” he takes a shortcut when helping repair an old space capsule, which puts him and Douglas Fargo in danger when the capsule is accidentally launched into space with them onboard.SFS: Jo and Zane have had a rough time of it pretty much since the start. I think that we all have a really great relationship with one another and I think, because we all get along as well as we do, that it translates onto film. I don’t know anything about their relationships, but Niall [Matter] and I are great friends.What does Jo see in Zane and what do you think he sees in her? He’s the criminal, she’s the cop, so it was a tough balance for them and I think that maybe, maybe all of that might get figured out. [Laughs] SFS: Sometimes in genre and sci-fi series, giving the characters love interests doesn’t always translate well. Salli [Richardson-Whitfield] and Colin [Ferguson] are great friends.I think the writers needed some time to figure out what they wanted to do with Jo and I think that it was a good progression.

That’s what I’m saying — Jo is kind of like me as a 14 year old, she was like this young girl and didn’t know anything better than what she thought she knew, which was the military and defend yourself.

SFS: You don’t really see the cracks in her demeanor, though, until she starts to date Zane. SFS: I think that’s when you start to see more layers of her underneath the surface.

EC: Yeah, and later on, I think in Season Three and Four is when you really started to get a good sense of her as an individual.

You started in the industry pretty early — can you tell us a little bit about that journey? A good chunk of the work you’ve booked has been genre-based. My dad was a Trekkie so I grew up watching and pretty much anything that was sort of science based. I think I would like to do a bit more fantasy stuff, but I pretty much just want to work. I love doing character stuff, it’s really what I have the most fun with. SFS: Jo’s been established as a very tomboy-like character, someone that grew up in an all-male household, and had to get tough in order to survive that adolescence.

SFS: In what ways are Erica and Jo different and in what ways are they similar? I don’t really like violence, I don’t really like war. I used to be a tomboy and I am a tough girl, so I like doing a lot of the stuff that Jo does do, but there’s a lot of things about Jo that are dissimilar. There’s always the women that insist on doing jobs that they just physically should not do or actually can’t do, and then there’s the women out there that have the right to be in an office and have the right to not be a stay-at-home mom and I think that there’s got to be a balance in between.

We become better and better friends with our cast, with our crew.