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Meaning to dating

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If the meaning of the word "day" with a number always means a 24-hour period of time outside of Genesis 1, then it should also mean a 24-hour period of time inside Genesis 1.

This combination occurs 357 times outside of Genesis 1.They have noted that the normal use of the article is to make the noun definite.The genre, or the form of the literature (i.e., history as opposed to poetry) he is referring to here, is history.Some writers have observed the absence of the article from the mention of each of the first five days.They have concluded that Moses must have meant to convey to his readers that at least those days were long periods of time.These verses are really irrelevant to the discussion of the meaning of "day," in Genesis 1.

It is recognized, of course, that the word "day" can be used with a number of variations.

Moses wrote in a language that was meant to communicate to his readers.

Words must be defined by their relationship to one another.

Why are these "days" bounded by the terms, "evening and morning"?

As we examine the text of Genesis 1, answers to these questions become clear.

The combination is used in four different ways, but each time it is used, it must mean 24-hour periods of time.