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Mandating athletic trainers in high schools

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Testing for the Falmouth Road Race study began in mid July.

Yuri Hosokawa and Kelsey Rynkiewicz, ATC, for their effort to involve me in this study.I am very grateful to be one of the members to propel this important project forward. Robert Huggins for including me in this project and always guiding me.I also would like to thank Sarah Attanasio, ATC, for teaching me and providing help whenever I asked.With regard to conducting a laboratory test, I observed the effort of the KSI members to make the study robust.I was very fortunate to learn from such experienced and passionate colleagues.Gratefully, I was chosen to receive the opportunity to intern at the Korey Stringer Institute in the Summer Fellowship Program.

I am originally from Japan, and I studied Athletic Training there as well.

According to a previous study from the KSI, this race has saved multiple exertional heat stroke patients each year.

Since I have never encountered a real exertional heat stroke case, I would like to take this opportunity as a great hands-on learning experience.

To reach those schools, I have tried multiple methods such as making phone calls, writing emails to athletic directors, and searching their website for athletic trainer’s information.

Even though I made some progress with these strategies, the most effective method was reaching out to athletic trainers of the neighboring high schools of the unknown schools for help.

While receiving my education in Japan, I found it necessary to learn more about prevention and management of emergency conditions, and this sense of mission brought me to the United States.