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Man behind bars dating site

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ATTN: had a chance to interview Isenberg to talk about her book and interviews with these women. Editor's note: This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.ATTN: Were there any commonalities you found with the women who were attracted to men in prison? You can decide whether to accept his collect phone calls. There were women who are married, women who were single, women with children, women who didn’t have children, all different kinds of women.

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An NSPCC spokesperson for South West England said: “This is a disturbing case in which a young boy was the victim of appalling sexual messages.And the following day Oldacre, who has a history of inappropriate behaviour, assaulted a woman by beating.After he entered the guilty pleas Judge Tim Mousley QC adjourned the case to Friday, January 26, and remanded Oldacre in custody.When he was arrested he told police 'I ain't done nothing wrong', and even after the mobile phone footage was put to him he maintained his innocence.He has previous convictions for harassment where he sent 'dirty text messages' to females who did not want them.And with the introduction of prison pen pal websites such as Prison Pen, Convict, Meet An, women can communicate easily with prison inmates.

In the book "Women Who Love Men Who Kill," author Sheila Isenberg explores this phenomenon.

Charm, intelligence, a solid career are all things women typically look for in a partner.

But for some women, it's the men locked away in prison who really get their heart thumping.

Throughout the years women have been attracted to men behind bars.

In fact, California serial killer Richard Ramirez, convicted killer Charles Manson, along with northern California killer Scott Peterson have all received marriage proposals in prison despite their heinous crimes.

“This case highlights the dangers children can be exposed to online and on their mobile phones.