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Defense attorneys also argued that he was incompetent to stand trial, but state District Judge Richard Simonton rejected that claim.

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Spell was convicted by a state judge last year after pleading guilty to murdering the popular math teacher. received 80 years in prison on a charge of deliberate homicide by accountability.Keeping him in prison amounts to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the U. and Montana constitutions and puts him at risk of manipulation by other inmates, she said."Michael's disabilities require that he be placed in a facility that has training and experience in dealing with developmentally disabled adults," Holton wrote.Prosecutors were reviewing Tuesday's court filing and had no immediate comment.Flooding is an eligible loss condition for livestock feed losses under the Emergency Assistance for Livestock Program (ELAP) Livestock producers that suffered damaged or destroyed mechanically harvested forage, either in the field or in the stack, due to flooding may be eligible for compensation under ELAP.Producers must file a notice of loss and application for payment the earlier of: • 30 calendar days of when the loss is apparent to the participant.• November 1, 2017 for losses which occurred after October 1, 2016.Other states have seen that range of impacts in water bodies with established quagga or zebra populations. FWP is going to look at setting up water craft inspection stations where boats can be decontaminated.

Options for chemically killing the mussels is limited because it can affect other species.

Producers are required to submit all supporting documentation to support their losses by the deadline.

There are no late-file provisions under the ELAP program.

Defense attorney Wendy Holton said in Tuesday's appeal brief that Spell needs to be in a treatment setting such as Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs, not the state prison.

Spell is said to be functionally illiterate with an IQ score of 70, which "falls into the mental retardation range," according to Holton.

Glasgow Police Chief Bruce Barstad is reminding Glasgow residents that city ordinance doesn't allow recreational vehicles and campers to be parked on city streets through the end of March.