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Many of the freelance girls who used to cruise Sukhimvit now work in this place, and you can see between 50-60 girls a night in this bar, which is pretty big and much larger than Casanova.

Mention Asian TS to any ladyboy or mamasan in this place, they all like us and appreciate the referalls we send their way.About half of the ladyboys in here are post-ops, and that has never changed since we have been going in there since 2001.We will keep you posted on any changes but for now get yourself down to "KC3" and see this local landmark.You could also try Khoa San road, the hippy backpacker haven; lots of freelancers walk around there or go dancing at The Club or Suzy Wong's or Lava; we're not sure why.( ladyboy guide ) ; Huge restaurant on soi 6 Ratchada road, about 200 meters down from the Soi Cee bars and on the same road that Hollywood Disco is on.Great place that doesn't even open until about 11PM and goes until 5 or 6AM, you can get food and beer here and do some serious people-watching; all the real girls and ladyboys who went to the bars flock here on weekends and there are also many of the Nana and Patpong girls and ladyboys, they come here to party after their shift is over.Not exactly our number 1 choice for ladyboy bars in Bangkok as there is a bit of a hard sell and the music is at least 5 times louder than it should be, but again this should be included in your trip plans at least one time if you are going to Thailand to meet ladyboys. ( ladyboy guide ) ; Also on Patpong Road, about a 10 o'clock direction from when you walk out of Kings Castle 3.

Or, coming from the Surawong side it would be about 100 meters down on your left, at the little alley that leads over to Foodland.

There is a little soi next to it, and a large sign out front.

This place is 100% post-op ladyboy mixed in with genetic ladies, about a 50/50 split, and a massive number of girls work in this place; we have seen over 50 at one time on their large stage.

If you like ladyboys who are already post-operative, this is the place for you; make sure you ask if your potential date is a female or a post-op, and rest assured no one with a dick still attached will be working in this place.

Some of the most beautiful people of any gender that you could ever see work in here.( ladyboy guide ) ; 2nd Floor, Nana Plaza, located next to the Fantasia bar. This is a long and slim bar which has a bit of a claustrophobic feel to it; you will feel as though you are "right on top" of the dancers, literally!

; Second floor in Nana Plaza, on the left hand side towards the rear.