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Josh hutcherson on dating

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We saved the best one for the last, Jennifer Lawrence.Recently, Jennifer did an interview with to discuss her role as Katniss.

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Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth have been only a few that have been in admiration of Hollywood's hottest actress. Law’s love life aside, the other topic of the evening was whether the queen of trips and slips could make it safely down the red carpet.Josh Hutcherson sure is lucky to have a long list of hit movies in his holster and talking about his dating affairs, the man's girlfriend list is pretty huge as well.Currently, it looks like the actor is still dating Spanish actress, Claudia Traisac.The pair started dating in 2013 after meeting in the sets of The actor doesn't share many pictures on his Instagram account, but he sure isn't shy when it comes to going out with his girlfriend.And Liam Hemsworth showed off just why he has achieved that monika when he enjoyed a spot of surfing while visiting his family on a trip to Phillip Island in Australia on Thursday.

The Hunger Games star showed off a honed physique and toned torso after taking a dip in the waves." Looks like Liam Hemsworth is catching some well deserved waves before the promo tour for "Hunger Games" gets intense.

From the sounds of their interview, shooting the movie must have been both nerve-wracking and exhilarating experience.

According to Vanity Fair, "When Entertainment Weekly asked Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth which scenes they were most worried about in Mockingjay-Part 2, Lawrence replies, "The scene at the end of the movie when I shoot my arrow-I won't give it away- because when I was doing my archery training at age 20, that was always the scene I pictured."" Liam Hemsworth, who may be now on her dating radar, chimed in, "She was so worried about it, I assumed that she must have a bad voice.

Of all his affairs, Josh's current relationship seems to be the most stable one and looks like he'll go all the way with her and walk down the aisle.

His relationship with Claudia might be going smooth but it wasn't like that always.

And she did it and I'm like, 'Jen, it's actually good.'" Do you think who will break into her dating news update?