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Joe slaughter dating chrystina sayers

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Then I started reading about raw foods, digestion, food combining, the space at which meals should be eaten apart from each other, and the dangers of even all-natural fructose.

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Having grown up with a notoriously sensitive stomach, I already avoided wheat, fried foods, sauces, oil, flour of any type, some legumes and many grains.As the months wore on and I learned more about health, the body and dietary labels, I started believing less in the label of “veganism” and more in listening to my body.I ate a cruelty-free plant-based diet because it felt good to me, my body felt nourished and fueled, I experienced no stomach problems, I was eating the most ethical and compassionate diet for animals/the earth, and my mind was clear and content. Then around November my body started telling me things.My roasted veggies and quinoa for dinner were not satisfying me like they once had, and my green smoothies for breakfast were giving me stomach aches and making me feel bloated and overly full. This plant-based lifestyle I had so adored and built my career around was “failing” me… I spent the next several months ignoring my body’s internal cues.I longed to try new things that looked and sounded good to me, but ethically I couldn’t do it.Things continued to spiral downward for a few more weeks…

When my mom and sister were in town, I don’t think I enjoyed a single meal with them.

(If you’re familiar with JP, I wanted ‘Series B’.) We got there, and they didn’t have it.

I stared at the juices and smoothies and raw food for a good 15 minutes, panicking, because I had no idea how I was going to navigate this setback. I should NOT have been feeling so limited and so helpless.

Entirely vegan, entirely plant-based, entirely gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, flour-free, dressing/sauce-free, etc.

and lived my life based off of when I could and could not eat and what I could and could not combine.

In the last few weeks it’s become clear to me how silly it is that I am so afraid to share this on the blog and in my life.