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Jackson rathbone and ashley greene dating in real life

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Nevertheless they sought them out and joined them in 1950.

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This is linked to his charismatic nature as a human.They traveled with Peter and Charlotte for a while, though the latter couple never complied to their "odd" dietary choices.Alice and Jasper joined the Cullens in 1950, and at Carlisle's suggestion, married.In 1948, Alice and Jasper met in a small diner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Alice approached him as if they were already close friends and told him that he'd kept her waiting a long time.In the movies, Alice is portrayed by Ashley Greene and Jasper by Jackson Rathbone.

Additionally, they are portrayed by Maddisyn Carter and Liam Johnson in the segment We've Met Before.

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She was transformed by him to protect her from the tracker known as James. The first clear vision she saw was of Jasper Whitlock, an emotion-manipulating non-vegetarian vampire, and was led to believe that she was destined to meet him and find a peaceful existence with the Cullen family in the future.

Her creator was later killed by James in vengeance for changing Alice, who was James's singer: a human whose blood smelled particularly appealing to one specific vampire. She waited for him for 30 years while practicing vegetarianism—with little success—before they finally met in Philadelphia in 1948.

They are both gifted vampires and members of the Olympic coven.