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Is ryan higa dating arden cho

But what he doesn't know that something will happen that night that will truly change his life. (dont know whats the connection of hers and Ryan's) Anyway, Thanks to @/ryanthehiga for telling me this : D Anyway, this isnt another Ryden theory, Its not a theory because this one is REAL with evidences and witness/es I think around Nov. 28 2015, Someone saw Arden and Ryan TOGETHER on a DATE! Someone recognized Ryan and Arden and they were on a DATE!

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After the film, attendees were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at making the film.

With what seemed to be all of Youtube there, the event was a great success!

We would like to thank Wong Fu Productions for their invitation and hope to see more great films from them in the future!

The night was essentially a watered-down red carpet event--minus the red carpet--for Youtube stars.

As fans and the collective group of Youtubers slowly took their seats in the theater, Phil, Wes, and Ted of Wong Fu Productions, as well as Ryan Higa, came up front and center to thank everyone for their attendance and support. Following the life of an ASS (Agent of Secret Stuff), Aiden, the film's protagonist, is given a mission to protect Taylor, an ordinary high school teenager--or so she seems to be.

But lately we see more and more rumors about Arden dating Ryan Higa.