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The highlight of the meet was a dragster match race between Sammy Hale in The Champion Speed Shop Chevy and Sneaky Pete Robinson's Drag Master Chevy.That race left me awestruck at the speed and noise these cars produced.

That run made Mendy the first lady drag racer to go over 250 mph in a Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster.Return of the Bad Boys 84 minutes Those Awful Awful Altereds are back.Many of the '60s Altereds have been restored to life and they're still as wild as they were.We started taking photos almost immediately, but quickly resorted to my parents' 8mm Brownie Hawkeye movie camera and Kodak color film.We filmed all of the races that we attended for sixteen years straight.The introduction below, and the video descriptions that follow it, were written by Jamie Jackson.

My love and enthusiasm for drag racing was born in 1961, at my first trip to Cotati Raceway.

The collection of film and video in our historical archives has reached staggering proportions.

More historically-important and rare film footage is contributed to our archives every year as our popularity expands.

However most of the youngsters have this same spirit and will come back next season to give the old man hell.

A/Fuel Action was filmed at tracks that include Famoso, Las Vegas, and Pomona.

If you enjoy the excitement of Nostalgia Top Fuel, you will not be disappointed with this high-speed Action Outtake smoker.