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Im dating a married man

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I mean, if he’s already taken, that means he has to be good, right? And if his woman is a pretty looker in the first place, I’d be flattered if the guy leaves her to come to me.

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Who needs Einstein wannabe when you can have Sugar Daddy?My body has radically changed since I became a parent.There are the physical changes (like my shrunken boobs and muffin top), but also internal and mental changes.More significantly, my anxiety blossomed and I spent over a year dealing with a debilitating case of postpartum depression. I have a friend who self-identifies as bisexual even though he hasn't so much as kissed another man. And let me tell you: When you're depressed, you don't feel like a normal human being, let alone a sexual one. I wasn't in the middle of Kinsey's infamous scale, but since I was attracted to both men and women, I identified as bisexual. No, but it's really easy to do and it happened to me before I even realized it.

It's been more than a decade since I've so much as flirted with a woman. How long could I go without writing before I felt silly calling myself a writer? I was always afraid that becoming a parent would make me feel like a different person and unfortunately, the fear came true.

If it’s a man we’re talking about, inevitably they end up falling in love with them.

In other cases, it’s the story of the ‘Forbidden Fruit’.

It may be the case for a few women, but definitely not everyone.

I haven’t come across any woman who pretends to fall in love with a married man just for the heck of it, but those women do exist, I guess.

I've been with my husband for about 10 years and we've been married for seven. I've always defined myself as a writer, even when I wasn't publishing my work.