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watch healer, city hunter, brilliant legacy, learn at least how to build someone's relationship and chemistry and how to keep the stroyline make sence and strong. It isn't something you can't wait for the next episode. Descendants of the Sun, Healer and City Hunter are the best so far for me. The plot was good and Ahn Jae Hyun played it well (since I believe vampire role itself supposed to be that stuffy). It's hard for me to really like a drama but this one is good I can tell. I do not watch Bo F so I'm not sure whether her acting is always like this. So that director will have something to use to kill doctor park. although there was only a minimal sweet/cute moments of the lead actors, i still saw ther chemistry, they were suits their roles as well as the other characters. Maybe one of the reasons people were bored watching is because of the focus in research aspect, and that's understandable since not many people are into research. Excited to watch it again, here in the Philippines. I mean, one sides wants to cure everything, the virus does that, so they are looking for a way to cure without changing. I couldn't even complete the second episode Why oh why do i feel this way!!??

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The guys killed ri ta and she than came to jisang (her hero). their really admirable and their love story were build in this drama. But i am really satisfied that I still gave it a shot! This is DEFINITELY FAR from being the worst kdrama ever. I was expecting a phone call of her and someone who ears-dropped it. (I cried the hardest and most when Joo Hyun Woo died, but I cried almost as much for Park Ji Sang). It's a very nice drama which is different from the traditional themes of the dramas. The lead role Yoo Rita and Park Ji Sang were adorable too. Let's think how much they lose or how many lunch or dinner they passed for this Drama. I am wondering why some kept on bashing the two (2) main characters, but of course they are entitled to own opinions. First of all most Caucasians have bigger eyes compared to the Korean.It may not be the best kdrama out there, but DEFINITELY NOT THE WORST (for someone nonkorean who has been watching kdramas for more than 10years now). I hope that there's a season 2 because the end was a cliffhanger, for me at least. Even though many of the lovely characters are missing at the end, still the story is good. It was a nice drama with good storyline and good chemiatry. I've just finished watching this drama a few minutes ago. But I think the final episode was unsatisfying .i had expected lot more than tht..although I am excited to see season 2 of BLOOD.. The song was so sad and lyric must be say about Yoo Rita feel for Park Ji Sang and she try to comfort him and stay by his side when he tired,hurt,upset and said. How many days they traveled in different countried to make it well. However, Ahn Jae - Hyeon's acting can be well -appreciated because his under acting defined more depth, strength and intensity.(BTW: I am not a Korean).I recommend this drama to fans who are fond of medical, romance, comedy, thrill, mystery, all with a touch of vampire! If there is a season 2 I hope Hyun Woo is alive and well and that he and Ji Sang find eachother again (was that person at the end Ji Sang or not- I know it's the same actor, but is it a different 'character' or? though, still an aswesome drama, but Hyun Woo, geez. I liked it very much and I was waiting until it is released. The ending was fine I presume it is is the viewers to make storyline in the ending good since obviously it is ang open ended ending. When i listening to the song and think about the last final episode of drama it make me cry again and again,wow this drama move my feel so much sararnghae and kamsahamnida for “Blood“ also Ahn Jae Hyun and Koo Hye Sun. I cry so much like a baby and the ending final episode when Park Ji Sang die,he must be love Yoo Rita so much more than his life and he said that “Before i meet you i don't know anything,i waste time so long i should meet you earlier than this“ if you is Yoo Rita how do feel? He played the role of a KOREAN vampire and not an American/European vampire. Ku hye-sun's way of tilting her head while side glancing sort of invited annoyance.Bllood suppose to be some untold mysteri so maybe that why they make it final end its so misterious too. This drama lacked resolution, there are questions that were not answered that's why this is disappointing. The blood did activate his heart, not the other way. That may explains that he couldn't die and his appearance in Kochenia to save Ri Ta.I love Dr Ji Sang and Yoo Ri Ta chemistry, I love when they argue but them smiling. And Yes I think Ji Sang didnt die, he survive bcos thats they way have to be hehehe THIS IS SUCH A WASTE. I WAITED UNTIL THE LAST EPISODE BUT I AM DISAPPOINTED. I am from Indonesia, I've been watching the drama of blood, this is the most good drama, gooheysun and ahnjaehyeon are a perfect match, people are ignorant wrote, criticizing the pair, gooheysun you are the best, let them criticize, they envy, pity me Korean netizens see, him like criticism, terrible words like animals. And why did they show us the good bye scene on the roof top? Also, Hyunwoo discovered that the infected body (especially Ji Sang, because of his blood) must be dying to produce the substance that strengthen the capsule in his blood to make the antivirus. The lead actors appeared a bit awkward with each other but I think it got better in later episodes.But personally i was hooked in that pat, maybe because I remembered my thesis days in medschool. Why were there infectees in Kochenia in the first place? If there isn't a second season to clear all that up, then this drama would've been a waste of my time because of the ending. I think the writers/producers tried very hard to get more viewers and that it damaged the history and that they didn't know how to wrap it up. Hope that there will be a 2nd session of this drama.

The research was interesting with all the medical terms. Not only that, the ending opened up a whole other story. But despite the ending, this drama was enjoyable and did keep me emtertained. Like gayeon too and hope that she will come to life also should there a 2nd session.

No offence.i mean i love your dramas alot your storyline is very good that i fall in love with the stories and korean actors are also cool but just insufficient material makes them not soo good.consider this request: that give a little bit more thought to weak areas. "BLOOD" I love this film very much..also I like Park Ji Sang and Yoo Ri-Ta very much. I do wish someone could answer these questions for me. I've watched 3 episodes , a total of 3 hours , and in reality any decent writer/producer could have shown all of that in just 15 minutes. Maybe yet, start on a High School Drama but not this kind of intense drama yet.... Then the rest of the cast were good especially the villain Ji Jin Hee... Great drama..i love it soo much,great cast too...every character fits perfectly..... I dont understand how there is so much criticism regarding this drama. The acting of the lead guy ann jar hyeon was just amazing! He quite stiff so the romantic scenes Looked awkward. We're still hoping to see them together for another chance with a very a good and charming drama. Even though its conflict structure is theoretically sound, this modern fantasy romance fells short to deliver entertainment. i tried not to get attached to him from the start but. did Jim sang survived or is a a twin etc i really love the drama. Anyways, even th0ugh many viewers lost the interest of watching this series, i am still proud to publish my insights about this drama. I cried at the ending but it's better for me to leave drama like this than making viewers confused what happened in the meantime... When i watch “Blood“ drama the Moday and Tuesday is like a special days for me but the new drama “Who are You“ the Monday and Tuesday is like a simple day for me i like Blood so much season 2 please saranghae Ahn Jae Hyun and Koo Hye Sun I like this drama but... I loved this drama in every aspect, fighting Blood!

I'm not contented with the last episode, it just left us incomplete and confused a little. Or maybe the subtitles aren't that good enough to make it understandable. God i didn't watch a lot of dramas jst because of the endings.are so f____ up!!!! I can say this after watching the first 3 episodes. I think he is not capable yet to be in a lead role... I just don't understand why so many people only blamed hyesun's acting I don't think ahn jae hyun delivered his best. after d doctor became human an old, did he still infect himself or just died? I recommend this series to th0se who are fanatics of k0reanovelas. I d0n't know why it d0es n0t grabbed the sp0t of being in the t0p list. Well, maybe with IRIS, but IRIS 2 also had an open ending. It has great plots and sweet moments of Ahn Jae Hyun & Ku Hye Sun couple. Now has a new drama continue from Blood it good too but why i don't have a feel like Blood? The end could have become so much better but what can I say that's my Helen Hate Comment for this kdrama! the story line is quite interesting because its different from other dramas BUTTT why is it the ending is sooo worst.. My rate for this drama would be 9.8/10 IF the ending is a bit logic. Sorry in advance for those who disagree with my opinion. Well as for me, this drama captivated me because I wouldn't react in every episode (especially at the last one, I cried buckets my gosh) if it doesn't tugged my heart. Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun just have a cheesy and cute chemistry!

I'm also not hating on Goo Hye Sun but for someone who debuted a long time ago, her acting isn't improving, even in some scenes I felt like I was watching a female version of Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub - Master's Sun), the way she waved her hand, the way she talked, and all.

And another thing that bothered me was her make-up.

If you are into the cheesy romantic dramas, there's a chance you'll be bored. Of course i respect others' comments, but i just would like to somehow redeem this drama from all the negative comments. ) nice drama.hope there will be season 2.ending is not good really i don't like it. this drama made me cry so badly when Joo Hyun Woo he will be alive on season 2i want to thank all the actors and actress for did great job for there i have to say that,this character not suitable for ji jin hee at way nice drama..waiting for season 2 I hope there will be a Season 2. He made me cry on his death, though, still an awesome drama, but Hyun Woo, geez Hyun Woo --you know how it feels to anticipate much from him, but when you started believing everything wrecked-- I hope there will be a Season 2 and Hyun woo is alive. It depends on us for how their love story continues. I think Park Ji Sang must be know that he'll alive again cause he said that “if i go away like this i'll miss you so much,so we'll meet each other again at somewhere else and it's not for a very long time it'll soon" and then they meet each other again at kochenia it's like a miracle. I'm very excited and curious as long as I know there re my favorite artist Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun. But watching her, episodes after episodes made me got used to it .