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Hot chat without log in and no video

Consider editing the question or leaving comments for improvement if you believe the question can be reworded to fit within the scope. Jitsi 2.0.2 works like a charm now: Installation was straight forward, and I enjoy the additional security of this lovely software which originated from a project at a European university!Very much recommended: I can't really give advice on a video chat program.

Hot chat without log in and no video-2

You can just use a Video View like you normally would, but apply that sizing code to its Layout Parameters in the on Prepared callback.This is how the API is design and suppose to [email protected] i know that , normally it take 1/3 of screen with normal video display , also im not appling that xml with 4 android:layout_align XXX to my app ,its an improper solution i found to force to full screen ,i want any proper way to force it to be in full screen but(without stretching ) , I would assume this is the expected result. there are many device which has different screen size.If you play in portrait mode, the video usually take full width but leave much space on top and bottom, if play in landscape mode, the video usually take full height but leave some space on side. take Samsung Galaxy S2 as an example, the screen size is 480 x 800, which is 5:3 in landscape mode, which you can see is not a normal aspect ratio like 4:3 or 16:9.Then, you just have to find a Point To Point video chat program that does is truly point to point.(as in, never contacts the internet if not needed) WLM isn't the best option anymore - not since MS decided to make it an 'ad serving platform', but the best (or only I think) option for Open source is Jabber, otherwise known as the XMPP protocol. You can run a chat server yourself, and secure that.(which is the default setting now) and use their video chat software, then the connection to Google's servers will be encrypted, which would secure you against any sniffing on an unencrypted Wi Fi network, etc.

Google would have access to the data, but I don't think they keep logs of video chats, just text chats.

I modified this from a tutorial for video streaming that I followed some time ago, can't find it right now to reference it, if someone does please add the link to the answer! EDIT Ok, so, if you want the video to occupy the whole screen and you don't want it to stretch you will end up with black stripes in the sides.

In the code I posted we are finding out what is bigger, the video or the phone screen and fitting it the best way we can.

No need to run on Google's Gtalk network (which is XMPP) or others.

There's a load of server and client software on the XMPP website.

I'm looking for something similar to skype but basically just for me to video chat with my girlfriend.