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But as some of these artists grew more well-known in Britain - and one, Beenie Man, is now signed to Virgin Records, part of EMI - concerns were raised with the police by Outrage, the militant gay group headed by Peter Tatchell.

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That inquiry has been given new urgency by the murder of a gay man in London over the weekend, which came during a spate of what are believed to be homophobic attacks.His performances may lead to public disorder and to homophobic and racist hate crimes.''So far, only the Aston Villa leisure centre in Birmingham has cancelled a Sizzla gig, which was due to have taken place on Friday night, citing "technical reasons", although the venue was unable to comment further.Tonight, he is due to play in Milton Keynes, followed by Bradford on Thursday, London on Saturday and Bristol on Monday.At least two of the victims were gay and the area is known as a meeting point for gay men.Police say that although robbery was clearly a motive, they are also being considered as homophobic.It was just not something that came through into their lyrics.''The change came at the end of the Eighties with the rise of dancehall DJs and the digitalisation of music.

The older, ganja-influenced rhythms of Marley, Spear and others were replaced by a combination of what is known as "slackness" music, which consisted mostly of fast-paced, computerised beats with sexually explicit lyrics.

Vybz Kartel, however, says that he is anti-religion.

In the case of Sizzla, Outrage says that it is not just his lyrics.

In August this year, the Metropolitan Police announced that the lyrics in songs by three other artists, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man and Buju Banton, would also be investigated.

That inquiry has now been extended to include the lyrics of four others: Sizzla, Capleton, the group TOK and Vybz Kartel.

At a festival in Kingston in 1998, he is alleged to have urged the multiracial crowd to "burn all white people".