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Once inside you may browse other chatrooms for instant chats. All channels are clean and monitored 24/7A huge list of Chat Servers with online users statistics.That he got that far at all was arguably genius in itself, given that injury for hometown club Vicenza at the age of just 18 in 1985 led a doctor to say he would never play again.For all the fame of later events in his career, he now says that was his greatest feat: “proving that doctor wrong”.“If I could try to do the magical thing, I would,” Baggio says, “but always in an effective way.If there’s something beautiful about it, it’s better.Some similar players say there’s no thinking and it’s just instinct, barely able to remember what they actually did or how, simply because they were so inherently capable of it. Some like Dennis Bergkamp have spoken of how it was as if time slowed down. It was something that was very satisfying, to take someone there.” Baggio’s career took him to a lot of places, from Vicenza to Fiorentina to Juventus to Milan to Bologna and onto Inter, but it’s often thought he was happiest in his final four years at Brescia, where he hit 46 goals in 101 games and twice took the lowly club into the Uefa Cup.

It’s another interesting question about his career, one that did see him have a certain amount of difficulty with Italy’s more systemic coaches like Marcello Lippi and Sacchi: when was he actually happiest?

I would do what I felt like doing, what came naturally to me.” One of the more interesting aspects of players of such invention is what goes through their mind at moments of such creation, let alone moments like the penalty against Chile.

What was Baggio thinking when so delicately evading Spain’s Andoni Zubizarreta in 1994 before so precisely sliding the ball in from an angle; when he somehow hooked the ball over the Lazio goalkeeper Angelo Peruzzi in a crowded penalty box for Brescia? “It went too fast, that was the bad thing about it! They were decisions I would make in the moment, based on what was going on before, what was happening around me. I liked to score, but I also liked to make somebody else score.

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He actually only won four major trophies, with just two of them league titles and none of them a Champions League or international trophy.