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Degeneras dating

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, self-proclaimed Bachelor Nation fan Ellen De Generes decided to invite Dean Unglert, Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard onto the show to find out what really went down between the three.

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We pulled into the driveway and—we just knew before we even walked through the gate.”“We loved it so much we bought it furnished,” De Generes says. Seriously.”In this case changing her environment also entailed purchasing two neighboring properties, replacing one with a pond and several dozen carob, pear, and oak trees.De Generes has lost track of exactly how many homes she has owned but says the Beverly Hills compound is the seventh she and De Rossi have shared.That would be one for every year they’ve been together.There’s an Emmy-filled office where De Generes wrote her new book, .“We spend most nights and most weekends here at home, unless we’re at the farm,” De Rossi says.Given their attachment to the property, one might reasonably wonder why they would, once again, move on.Which is not to suggest she didn’t have big plans for it.“Five or six? When it came to the 9,500-square-foot main house and its two guest cottages, De Generes wanted to make the rooms “a little less uniform and formal.” So it is that the very first thing one notices upon entering the house is a Ping-Pong table.

Not your regulation folding Masonite number, but a steel-and-glass version—one of ten executed by Argentine artist Rirkrit Tiravanija in 2008.

Built by the renowned architects Buff & Hensman for actor Laurence Harvey, the single-story residence has been inhabited over the years by actor Joan Collins and, most recently, cocreator Max Mutchnick.

Under his watch, interior designer Melinda Ritz expanded the house and warmed it up with reclaimed-wood floors and ceiling beams.

The lane in question proceeds through a series of forbidding gates and winds steeply up a dramatic hill before arriving at the main house—a modern pile with stucco walls and a steel pitched roof.

Given the approach, a visitor can be forgiven for expecting an armed reception committee or a pack of snarling Dobermans.

It’s hard to imagine a place more enticing than their three-acre base, but De Rossi, an avid dressage rider, keeps her German warmbloods in the country, and for De Generes the second home provides an extra outlet for what can safely be described as an obsession with real estate and interior design.“We never had a house when I was growing up,” De Generes explains, settling into an armchair on one of several terraces with panoramic views of L. I’d pick out which bedroom would be mine and get all excited.” Born in Metairie, Louisiana, she dropped out of college and worked as a housepainter and a bartender before developing a stand-up act that launched a rather more durable career in the entertainment industry.