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David coleman dating doctor wiki

Elaine and Jerry go to see the film with Susan, with whom they are now spending a lot of time (much to George's chagrin).However, Jerry and Elaine's noisy discussion about the plot during the film irritates Susan, who shushes them and ultimately breaks off their newfound friendship.

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The sixth-season episode "The Understudy" features a Broadway musical adaptation of Rochelle, Rochelle starring Bette Midler, who appears in the episode as herself.Jerry eventually sees it with George while Elaine watches the dog, only to find out that the movie is terrible.Jerry does not tell Elaine that he saw the movie without her and is forced to go see it again with her.Elaine's desire to see Sack Lunch is ignored by her boyfriend, who insists on seeing The English Patient.Elaine later goes to see Sack Lunch alone, but is spotted and scoffed at by her boyfriend.This is an aggregate page for the collection of all the Cultural References found in each episode.

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Dabney Coleman is mentioned as the star of Sack Lunch.

Chunnel is a film mentioned in the episode "The Pool Guy".

Afterward, Elaine is delighted to hear Sack Lunch announced as the in-flight movie on her trip to Tunisia.

However, a group of disaffected Dominican Marxist crêpe rollers hijack the plane in an attempt to redirect it to Cuba, and demand that the captain turn off the in-flight movie.

According to reactions to the movie throughout the series, the plot is completely unbearable, but is still revered because of its nudity.