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Dreams about love can cause feelings of growth and calm in the dreamer.

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You know the phrase: picture is worth a thousand words?Real men recognize that intense and immediate intimacy is nothing more than instant gratification, which will burn out as quickly as it ignites.Real men understand they must be whole and satiated before they can develop the capacity for an authentically intimate relationship, and they seek this same thing in a partner.She is allowing herself to be undervalued, and here is where the paradox lies: she knows she is dating a douche, but something about that person is hard to let go of.That romantic, mysterious feeling is between you and your hidden psyche, which is feminine if you are male.But Cinderfellas are too broken to maintain intimacy on a long-term basis, so they don't make very good partners, at least not in their current emotionally needy state.

So how can we protect ourselves from all the Cinderfellas out there who are increasingly polluting the middle-aged dating pool?

But this type of man is not really emotionally available; rather, his insatiable need for instant intimacy says far more about the emotional void in his life than it does about his desire to be in an emotionally secure and reciprocal relationship.

In many respects a Cinderfella is far more dangerous than his solely-sex-seeking cousin, the Seducer -- a type of man who comes with bright red warning signs.

He will exploit your weakness of loving him, and because you keep coming back for more, he never has to change.

One big challenge in this situation is accepting that your friend is not an innocent in this equation.

Well, I've decided to put my vast fieldwork to use and develop a list of warning signs that may suggest you are in fact dating a Cinderfella: Dating a Cinderfella can be exciting, at least in the beginning because Cinderfellas offer hope to middle-aged single women who are searching for an emotionally healthy and available man (also called a Real Man).