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Anything new in your life means that you’re having to make the choice to give up something else.

You have to make your choices, and those choices have consequences. The point of any self-improvement program is that you’re going to be a better person when you finish than you are right now. But think of it this way: How many people do you know who talk about their goals?It’s not progress until you’re actually producing, .Your shitty first novel sitting in a desk drawer is infinitely superior to somebody else’s planned epic.So instead, you look to your “free time” – those hours that you haven’t committed to somebody else.If you’re going to train for that marathon, you’re going to have to decide what you willing to give up.The little things you do on a daily basis add up, and quicker than you’d think. People tend to look at writing books as a monumental task – it’s something that only a rarefied few can do.

Carving out some space in your day, and just putting in the work means that you’ll get to where you want to go. When I tell people that I’ve written did I manage to crank out 200,000 words?

Some of these choices are easier than others: most people aren’t able to work fewer hours, for example, so you can’t take time out from your job to train for a marathon.

Other times, you decide that the opportunity cost is too high; you take fewer hours at work, but it would come with a commensurate reduction in pay, which would mean having a harder time in other areas that are a priority such as paying bills and being able to afford food.

I’m not saying that you’ve chosen demanding of your time and hard on your body isn’t a bad thing.

God knows there were plenty of times when I decided I just wasn’t feeling it and stayed home instead of going out and working on making cold approaches.

Are you willing to give up your morning routine in order to get up at 5 AM, toss down a protein shake and run nine miles before taking a rapid shower and running out the door to get to work on time?