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Description: Nice excavated Type II Hotchkiss shell with three flame grooves.

It is stamped, "Dransfeld & Co (Star) over Menden with the 1936 date in the middle. These are thought to have been manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal starting in 1860. As you can see, this example still has the majority of the tin plating.Description: Here is a nice buckle and belt combination that came in together and appears to be one original set. I / 8th Regiment / CW / MVM." Both badges are hand engraved showing superb detail.The buckle is a solid aluminum buckle produced by Dransfeld & Co. According to the historical database there are two William B. I am assuming these are marksmanship badges for the MVM.The box is solid with a slight crack in the top section. This packet includes and original wrapped cross and ribbon. This piece does show a little oxidation but is very nice!This piece is unique and must have been made at an Arsenal. Description: This is an excellent book published by the New York Historical Society that covers relics from the Revolutionary War through 1812.This one has some very small dents from service but retains it's overall shape.

The pewter spout is out of round and this example is missing the chain and stopper.

Description: Here is an original working die for some sort of insignia/plate/etc.. The main female die is stamped into a brass ingot with posts on the back.

This created a working die that could be used, melted, and remade rather than destroying the main die.

The brass housing in very nice and hasn't been beaten up too badly.

Description: Nice canteen with the original cover that is tightly stitched around the edge.

This book covers buttons, accoutrement plates, and misc. This one has a sticker on the inside cover and is well used.