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Dating overnight

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For those who are inspired by the guarantee of this mask to change their hair, check out the complete guide to fall’s hottest hair colors and cuts.

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$14; Buy now at If you err on the oilier side but need some hydration (because yes, all skin does, in fact, need moisture, no matter how acne-prone), this foaming PM moisturizer is your new go-to.Beginning in the 1990s, commentators wrote about a perceived new trend of parents allowing co-ed sleepovers for teenagers, with both boys and girls staying overnight together.While some writers decried the trend, others defended it as a safer alternative to teenage dating outside the house.Then on her second date, which took place in Wales and was with a stripper, Toff proved she might have been more like Bridget's mother (ie: ridiculously posh) with some of her confessions. You probably thought that “beauty sleep” was just a metaphor for getting enough rest so you feel awake and energized, right?This serum-in-mask is a legitimate multitasker, relieving skin of environmental stressors and pollutants and leaving your complexion impossibly soft and velvety. $18; Buy now at Whether you’re a fan of all things lipstick or steer clear of anything besides Chapstick, keep in mind that your pout is covered in skin that needs some TLC, too.

This nighttime lip mask provides you with a surge of moisture, making it also ideal for applying before swiping on a creamy matte or liquid lipstick.

After applying to freshly washed-and-dried hair at night, ingredients like lanolin and coconut fruit extract seal the cuticle, hiding the appearance of any hair damage, while the lavender oil infusion helps you hit the sack.

$25; Buy now at This formula, when used with its AM companion, provides up to three days—yes, 72 precious hours—of frizz-fighting protection with bamboo oil.

A lock-in is a similar event held in a setting other than a private home, such as a school or church.

The sleepover is often called a "rite of passage" as a young child, or a teenager, begins to assert independence and to develop social connections outside the immediate family.

$49; Buy now at Apply on your dry hair, and let it work its magic: This overnight mask is infused with evening primrose oil to help repair daily wear and tear from hot tools, styling, and constantly putting into ponytails. ) You’ll wake up to wash out and have silky, swingy strands that keeps a UV filter to protect hair color from fading from the sun, too.