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Gerry and I celebrated our 40th anniversary last November and enjoy the simple life in a town of 1600 people.Karen Hanke Weeks and husband Kent with their grandchildren.

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Rod I'm still teaching ESL for about 33 weeks a year for 3 hours a day, actually just monitoring a computer lab, which gives the students time toward the requirement of class time per week for the student visas. I've been able to put a little money away, and am going to spend 6 days in London next May. Ronnie and Jan Pass in Colorado with their 6 grandchildren who live in Phoenix, Winston-Salem and St. Ronnie and Jan spend most of their time in Naples, FL and St. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX A note from Harriet Stemme Mayberry. I have friends there and my son and his family live a 40-minute drive away in Vienna, VA. "What do you mean you didn't buy washable paint, Dick?! Click here to read the story of the Alcatraz prank.Cookie Kornblum Simon on a recent vacation to Portugal AND at her oldest son's wedding (has 3 sons). At the various race tracks around CA on average of two times monthly.Hitting tennis balls about twice a week limited by a bad hip. Wife Karen is doing well still enjoying her gardening and hitting balls as well.Francine and husband Marc recently sold their Oregon home and plan to spend half the year in St. Kitchen crew: pat Peeper Klein, Betty Jacobsen Burkhardt, Helen Ziercher, Joan Rothaus O'Brien Pat volunteers at health care facilities and her church. Helen is ALWAYS traveling and vows to retire from Wash U. Marcia Coltman Pass getting lunch ready with Betty Lee. Tom and Michaela (Mike)Hector Tom tries to fit working for me in my courier businesses with as many fishing trips as he can plan!Helen with Barbara Russell Harry who keeps our luncheon dates on a calendar and organizes everyone. They came back to visit in October; here with Marvina and Ken Kastner. Carolee Smith Todd and her husband lived in Lancaster, KY for many years. Our kids usurp our schedules but we work out most days with Pilates, Tai Chi and the gym. Please advise the dates and we will lock in Werber's and Schwartz'.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Bonnie Hirsch Hurwitz with son Andy, future daughter-in-law and husband Howard at Rehearsal Dinner on October 14th. Natale, Kim and Stephanie live in Florida and Cynthia lives in ST. So it's been a quiet summer for the Louys, however feeling much better now and looking forward to the fall.

This photo is from a local restaurant in St Louis (before all this happened). I recently visited my sister in the Twin Cities area and while there went to Stillwater to visit Kathy(Francis) Shoop. Barb Hatcher Boelling and husband Mack are retired in Port Townsend, WA and are currently involved in developing a senior community nearby.

It will be located in the Philippines on 168,000 acres, designed to produce resilient based agriculture capable of feeding 10 million people annually.

Our investors own the land In fee-title and their partners are investing $2.1 billion in this project and I am Vice Chairman of the Executive Board that has the contract agreement to develop this organic state of the art facility. Besides that I am a consultant to FBI and Infraguard on transportation cyber security.

Rob and family will go to Israel for Jack's Bar Mitzvah. Dinner in Clayton, Helen Ziercher and Sam Berlotet with Bob Lurie and Susan Graves. She then met with a young Hungarian man who was a student of her 10 years ago and now lives in London.

Barbara Felder in May visiting her sister Madeline in Seattle. From Cliff Bragdon: Sarah and I were invited by Bill De Witt Jr (Chairman of the Board and President of the Cardinals) to get together with him at a Spring Training game in Jupiter Florida.

I've already made arrangements to see Stonehenge, which is on my bucket list. I'm looking forward to having time to paint, perhaps sing in a choir, read, and just relax for once while I can still enjoy it. We don't have any photos from far off exotic places due to my health problems dating back to May when I had a pacemaker put in that had to come back out before the end of June due to infection - very unusual!! Susan Alberstein Gene Baum Kenny Bayer Bill Brackman Bruce Britt Nancy Brueggemann Nancy Davidson Shestak (Charles) Kemper Deicke Sally Doerschlen Mike Dunlop Jonne Jean Eber George Eron Sharon Esses Spern Beverly Feldman Kraus Harriet Gomberg Barenfeld Jay Handelman Harvey Hyken Bill Jackson Betty Jaeger Portmann Grace Janson Jack Julier Ned Keiser Gerald Leininger Bart Lieberman Louise Marotta Chip Maxwell Claude Mc Elwee Sharon Mc Kee Bud Milner Ellen Morrical Bob Morris Bart Notowitz Dennis Oberman Jerry Pass Beth Rainford Richard Rosenbaum Sandra Rush Oberman Thomas Sawyer Carolyn Sherman Mark Silbergeld Steve Slater Lucille Sloan Byron Sokolik Joan Speed Gilbert Joan Staley Tom Taggart Donna Vouga Gary Welch John Winkelmeyer If you have to "snail mail" a picture instead of e-mail it, send it to: Francine Cohn 48-345 Paso Tiempo Lane la Quinta, CA 92253-6200 Francine will mail the photo back to you!