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Dating indian wemen

Anonymous That is because liberals only pretend to advocate the advancement of women and minorities, their agenda is strictly to exploit those people for political gain. should men have the right to vote, or should males even have jobs or handle money? i think most of us boys are way too opinionated, really...The whole pretense put forward by liberals is completely phony. It seems we males make nothing but trouble when we do things that take thought and responsibility--obviously because we are not really capable of either. we should listen more and try not to forget that we are in the presence of women....

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Maybe someday i'll have a daughter, and she'll join the young women around her and put me in my place.Randyfine for the western world,but what about the middle east.We are i believe living in one of the most amazing changes the world has ever seen.Matriarchy means "run by women", and this is where we are leading. it's already here and its now becoming more evident.Because women are superior, it's time they ruled, and that's the connection.The Matriarchy is coming, it can't be stopped and why would anyone try?

When its clear that one gender is superior to the other (no debates please, just accept the truth even if it isn't what you'd like), then it's only natural the superior gender should rule over the lesser creature.

As women are proving superior in colleges, the next generation of women will never know a world where males were assumed superior.

They will look around them and see the increasingly absurd anachronism of men in power.

Women all over the world are making men their slaves (with the man's consent, don't jump over the word "slave") and their daughter's are growing up to do the same... STTGI hope you're right because from the outside looking in, the exact opposite appears true.

The States looks like it is regressing into a theocratic state instead of a secular one of freedom and choice.

Which is why in just the last 3-4 years, the rest of the world has ceased looking at you for leadership.