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Dating femme europe de lest

This iconic fragrance was an instantaneous, strong and immediate "LOVE" that I'm grateful to have in my collection.

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Extremely linear, except some smokey amber that appears after 15 minutes approximately, and that's it. It's still heavenly despite being a bit watered down, not too much, a bit only. For those who bought Angel for the sweet notes, there will be problem in my opinion. What is the main difference compared to the 1992 original version? In 2017, Angel is harmless and doesn't disturb the neighbours anymore. Almost 20 sprays today on my neck and Tshirt but I mostly smell the under layer, Patchouli Intense from Molinard...I'm not a big fan of Angel, but I do wear it from time to time.Three women I work with wear it so I never wear it to work, don't want to be matchy-matchy with others. I never owned a full bottle, always got by on minis and samples, that's how much I'd wear it.Yes, it has been reformulated, yes it's softer and more powdery. This is not the first time that the notes of Angel have's a total mass market dumbing down of the perfume but it's no longer boozy or chocolatey. Anyhow, what I have been wearing in winter and spring had the proper and excessive amount of dirty patchouli with some sweetness I didn't care much in the background.It's harsh and overbearing and it just honesty smells like B. But, I can see why this fragrance has a cult following.

It's polarizing in so many ways and a tad bit taboo.

Recently I got a 25ml star on ebay and I'm so happy I did, it has the chocolate and all the other original notes that made it what it is, or I should say was.

I'd be the first person to tell you that this scent does not agree with my skin.

I also agree with comparisons to Chopard Wish but insomuch as the two are olfactory-cousins, with Wish being quieter and creamier; Mugler Angel might be who Chopard Wish turns into after several hefty cocktails.

Both are gorgeous and different enough to merit owning them both, imho.

I got a sample of this and I just used a tiny spritz because I knew it was strong. I really dislike the opening and the top notes, that’s why I’ll never buy this fragrance, but the dry down is a whole lot better. But the patchouli is still way too prominent in this one for me. I’ve just ordered a Glamorama version and an ebay special that’s turned brownish.