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Of course additional costumes can be added with verses to represent anyone that would be appropriate to the season.With the spelling modernized, it has the chorus: “Welcome Yule, thou merry man,/ In worship of this holy day/ Welcome Yule! ” and the first verse begins: “Welcome be thou, Heaven-King/ Welcome born in one morning...” Christians like to think this refers to the birth of one of their gods but actually it refers to the rebirth of the Sun, celebrated at the Winter Solstice.

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This song shows the early concept of the worship of the Corn God, here in the form of a sheaf of wheat, or a “baby” in a corn crib or manger.This endris night I saw a sight, A star as bright as day: And ever among, a maiden sung, Lullay, bye bye lullay.This lovely lady sat and sang, and to her child did say: “My son, my brother, father dear Why liest thou thus in hay?There is a good performance of This Endris Night on You Tube, performed by the St.John the Evangelist Parish Choir at a Christmas Concert. It was customary in Scandinavia at the Winter Solstice or whenever the weather is particularly harsh to offer sheaves of grain to the wind, referred to as Odin’s horse by putting them on the windowsill. Any edible seed will do, millet and black sunflower seeds being usual nowadays. Thou Merry Man Here is a traditional song to welcome the season of Yule.There is a performance of Welcome Yule on You Tube by Tenet, a vocal ensemble.

There is also a little bit of the song Welcome Yule!

Apart from the first song which commemorates an actual ritual of thanking the Grain Goddess for the grain, most of these songs are seasonal, and not specifically religious in character.

There are three main groups of songs here: Songs of Holly and Ivy, especially traditional for the decoration of the houses, and a reminder that life continues even when much of nature seems to have died.

I wanted to provide a list of Yule songs for two main purposes: one is for people to sing together around the table at home, with games, dancing and plays, and the other is to go out caroling.

Most of the songs are appropriate for both purposes.

Also these Yule songs would make a nice CD to play at the Winter Solstice to dispel the gloom of winter because all of these songs are cheerful and very pretty.