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Dating an exs co worker

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Description: big pretty thighs coming out of those red short shorts was a sight to behold ..combine that with sexy long toes & wrinkled soles & you my friend have a fetish phenom on your hands..enjoy!!!

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I asked her this time around to "just spread 'em" & spread them she did...enjoy!!!Description: looking back at these early pictures of her im reminded of how i used to tease her & tell that she loved the attention of having guys busting nuts to her pictures & she would give me a "whatever man" BUT she was never late for an appointment whether i was paying or not..enjoy!!! Description: as you may remember me telling you that this broad was bat shit crazy!!Description: new to you at film action here.was dating a guy i knew & to be honest i just refused to put her face in any of these pictures because its like fright night..million dollar ass & pretty feet but that face jeez o flip that face.. Description: the petite greek firecracker does her first shoe dangle for the camera in this set..i love fetish virgins because everything is so exciting to them.."i do this all the time..i cant believe some guy would look at this & like think guys will see this & jerk off"? .married & dumped her husband for a sugar daddy with a "chocolate" fetish & he then dumped her & went back to his wife.broad NEVER stopped talking ever.was like courtney love on coke & having a panic attack..i cut the appointment short & fled "saimoan"s apt..thanks a lot "saimoan" i owe you..anyway for those rare birds out there that keep requesting a girl with cracked ass heels heres your angel..enjoy!!!Description: Until now the story in Myfetishstory have been of recent exploits but because of my hard work we can begin to post more film/disc/polaroid pictures. Description: The soles are the focus of this update. It is hard to believe that she only wears a size 4.She had a fresh pedicure and was clearly ready for her close up. Description: "Jenn" radiant with pregnancy makes her even more stunning.Description: since cinco de mayo is coming up soon i thought id post some pictures of the Brazilian und Thai heartthrob ..these are from awhile back.her plump toes & soft wide soles.messed around for about 2 years & her feet never smelled & id have her shoes off every time i saw her.her sister.mother.cousin but thats a story for another day..enjoy!!!

Description: these are really old pictures & ive just never posted them for some reason ....i was on my way to the airport & stopped in a stripmall to grab some tennis shoes.i got back to my car i see this girl walk into a cash loan place & come right back out 1min.later so im thinking guess she was denied.i had cash in pocket & jumped out of my car..i gave the spiel as usual & she being broke said sure..heres the fruits of my labor.some reason she would cover & uncover her face..anyway i knew she was to skittish to meet me again.& done......enjoy!!!

Straight from Baghdad (Baltimore} sie brings soft feet, wrinkled soles, and well fitting blue jeans that hug her tight round ass. Description: Lee has known "Trina" for a long time and on this night she along a friend "Lesa".

"Trina" informed her that pictures would result in a free pedicure so of course she showed.

Description: she has a wonderful pair of wrinkled & soft arches ..& a true blue coed.told me "Jett" convinced her to do it & she was nervous...still has me over the moon is that women your girl your wife etc would do the same thing for you & thats what i love about .know from the giddy up that guys around the globe & few women see their feet as sexual objects still they show them off for you & thats what makes this unspeakably wonderful...enjoy!

Description: this creative fit milf had the clever idea to stick her heavily arched soles out of her sunroof for a better view.owe her a bit of thanks because im just not that clever....enjoy!!!

His 2 favorite things about her were her hairy legs & her amazing feet, "short pretty toes with a tattoo & the best soles on the East Coast." Spaß!!!