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Dating aishah salleh

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Of its four gates, the Bab-al-Salam, or Egyptian gate, was remarkable for its beauty.Beyond the walls of the city, west and south were suburbs consisting of low houses, yards, gardens and plantations. Almost all of the historic city has been demolished in the Saudi era.

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It is situated in the most fertile part of all the Hejaz territory, the streams of the vicinity tending to converge in this locality.The rebuilt city is centred on the vastly expanded al-Masjid an-Nabawi.The graves of Fatimah (Muhammad's daughter) and Hasan (Muhammad's grandson), across from the mosque at Jannat al-Baqi, and Abu Bakr (first caliph and the father of Muhammad's wife, Aisha), and of Umar (Umar ibn Al-Khattab), the second caliph, are also here.An immense plain extends to the south; in every direction the view is bounded by hills and mountains.The historic city formed an oval, surrounded by a strong wall, 30 to 40 feet (9.1 to 12.2 m) high, dating from the 12th century CE, and was flanked with towers, while on a rock, stood a castle.the Jewish rulers lost control of the city to Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that "by calling in outside assistance and treacherously massacring at a banquet the principal Jews", Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj finally gained the upper hand at Medina.

Medinan suras are typically longer than their Mecca counterparts.

There is also a book within the hadith of Bukhari titled 'virtues of Medina'.

Like Mecca, the city of Medina only permits Muslims to enter, although the haram (area closed to non-Muslims) of Medina is much smaller than that of Mecca, with the result that many facilities on the outskirts of Medina are open to non-Muslims, whereas in Mecca the area closed to non-Muslims extends well beyond the limits of the built-up area.

Both cities' numerous mosques are the destination for large numbers of Muslims on their Umrah (second pilgrimage after Hajj).

Masjid al-Qiblatain is another mosque also historically important to Muslims.